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Developmental Care

Licensed clinical psychologists are trained to practically apply science and theory. They specialize in psychological challenges and disorders ranging from those experienced by young and growing minds and hearts to those appearing in adulthood. Dr. Farrow offers a full range of pediatric psychological services for children and teenagers. While Dr. Farrow has training with adults, his focus is on children and youth. Currently, Dr. Farrow is only accepting clients who are teens and older.


Dr. Farrow’s training began with infants, then moved to small children, then to school aged children and teenagers, and then adulthood. His Ph.D. in clinical psychology focused on a developmental perspective. His training then moved to specialized neuropsychological training for all ages. Dr. Farrow was licensed as a clinical psychologist in 1992. For more on Dr. Farrow’s training, please see his page on Linked In. Throughout that training, Dr. Farrow has had a particular interest in how children cope with the significant stressors of illness especially neurological difficulties. From the beginning of 2007 through the end of 2016, Dr. Farrow worked to some degree at Rady Children’s Hospital, including CBIT for Tourette’s and a host of services for children with cancer. In 2016, Dr. Steven G. Pittman retired and asked Dr. Farrow to take over his practice; if you are a former client of Dr. Pittman’s please feel free to contact Dr. Farrow.

Services Provided

Dr. Farrow offers psychotherapy, and consultations. Psychotherapy will be tailored to the problems that are presented. This therapy will take the form of behavioral (Habit Reversal Therapy), CBIT, play therapy, gestalt or psychodynamic approach as indicated by the challenge or disorder that is being addressed. Consulting usually involves giving professional advice or services regarding matters in the field related to special knowledge or training.

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